Reunion 2002


    We had our first Holbrook Family Reunion in decades!  It was held July 27, 2002 at the North Canyon Park in Bountiful.  Thanks to our reunion coordinator, Steve Holbrook, it was a big success.  

    We're already looking forward to our next reunion in 2004!


    Gordon Holbrook has a CD with photos from the reunion.  If you'd like a copy, contact him (ordering information on Publications Page.)  Below are just a sampling of the photos taken.

Some Holbrook family members arriving at the reunion.
Elder Holbrook (left) talking with Mary Knect and her daughter-in-law and son, who were here from Arkansas.
The Display Table, with many of the publications.


Time to mingle!  (Our fearless leader, Ben Holbrook is in the back on the left side -- the handsome man with glasses, graying hair and dark collar.)
Someone brought this photo of Caroline Frances Angel Holbrook for display. Our M.C. and man who made this reunion happen:  Steve Holbrook!



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