Our English Holbrooks

Thomas Holbrook, our immigrant ancestor


1.  Richard Holbrook

    It is common belief that our Holbrook line descends from Richard Holbrook, who died about 1546 at Dundry, Somerset, England.  Unfortunately, the parish registers for Dundry don't begin until 1560 (baptisms), 1558 (marriages) and 1559 (burials), so there are few records relating to Richard.

    His will was written April 19, 1546 and proved January 24, 1546/7.  It was common practice at that time to bequeath to both the church one one attended (in this case Dundry, which was a chapelry) and the mother church, or Cathedral (in Wells).

    Richard is also found recorded as "Holbrook alias Hoges."  His children were:




   Thomas (see #2 below)

   Elizabeth (married Thomas Haysell)

2.  Thomas Holbrook

    Thomas Holbrook was born about 1520 at Somerset, England.  He died in 1559 at Dundry, Somerset, England.  His will was dated March 28, 1559, and proved May 6, 1559.  The name of his first wife is not known.  His second marriage was to Agnes Derell, who had previously been married to a Mr. Sanders.  

Thomas' children were:

Thomas (see #3 below)

Jone (born Dundry)

Richard (born Dundry, died about 1615; will dated 15 Sep 1615.  His children were:  Agnes, who married Thomas Randle, and Margerie, who married Richard Nashe)

Isabell (born Dundry. Referred to as the youngest child in her father's will.  Married a Mr. Edmunds.)


3. Thomas Holbrook

    Thomas was born at Dundry, Somerset, England.  He died about 1571 at Norton Malreward, Somerset, England.  His will, which was dated January 11, 1571, names his sons Thomas, William, John the Younger, Robert and "my eldest son, John."  The name of his first wife and mother of the first three children listed is not known.

    Thomas was married to Edith (--), who had previously been married to a Mr. Saunders.  She died about 1593/4 at Compton Dando, Somerset, England.  Her will, dated November 12, 1953 and proved in 1594, lists her sons William, Robert and John Holbrook, along with Richard and Thomas Sandes.  

Thomas' children were:

John (married 1556 to Elinor Sanders)


Thomas (married abt 1572 to Alice Millard at Stanton Prior)

William (see #4 below)

Robert (baptized 1558, died abt 1616;  married Eleanor Hedges.  Children:  Joan, Catherine and Milliard.)

John the Younger (baptized 1563.  Mentioned in father's will of 1571 and mother's will of 1593. Children: Arthur, John, Robert, William, Thomas, Mary, and possibly "sisters")


William Holbrook's 1625 will provided for the following:

* My son Thoams Holbroock shall have my two Kyne in lieu and recompense of 7.10.0 I owe him.

* My Bay Mare to be sold and my daughter Bosill Holbroock to have 4 marks of the money which I owe her and the residue to my son Thomas if said two Kyne be not of the value of 7.10.0

*To each of my children as well men as women 10/-

*To my son John Holbroock my ground at the Moor if dead then to Thomas Holbroock the younger Edmund Eyle and Clement Weaver the younger my three Grandchildren.

*Residue to my son William Holbroock the younger and appoint him executor, Thomas Eyle, Clement Weaver the elder my son-in-law and Thomas Holbroock the elder my son shall have the use of said ground together with the custody of the Conveyance for the use of my son John Holbroock if he be living as also for this of my said three Grandchildren to whom I have given the said ground in case my son John be dead.

Overseers: Thomas Holbroock, Clement Weaver the elder and Thomas Eyle.

4. William Holbrook


    William was born about 1562 at Somerset, England.   He lived in the parish of St. John the Baptist at Glastonbury, and died there in 1625/6.  His will was dated December 11, 1625 and proved February 1, 1625/6.  

    The name of his wife and mother of his children is not known.  There was an Edith Holbrook who was buried 11 Jun 1612 at St. John the Baptist, Glastonbury.  This was possibly William's wife.


William's children were:

Joane (born abt 1587, St. John's, Glastonbury; married (1) in 1605 to Nicholas Bennett, who died in 1606, and (2) in 1690/10 to Randall Gylles.

Basell (married 1625/6 to Phillip Wrinkmore)

Thomas (see #5 below.  Immigrated to New England)

John (born abt 1595, died abt 1644 at Weymouth, Massachusetts; married Sarah Loring.  Children:  Richard, William, Daniel, Thomas, Margaret. Immigrated to New England)

Elizabeth (married 1611 to Thomas Tylye at St. John's, Glastonbury.  Son: Edmund. Immigrated to New England)

Rebecca (born abt 1597; married 1617 at Glastonbury to Clement Weaver.  Son: Clement. Immigrated to New England)

William (born abt 1599; married [--]. Daughter: Mary)


5. Thomas Holbrook

    See Thomas Holbrook- Our Immigrant Ancestor for a brief biography



    Information gathered, printed and copyrighted by J.C. Halbrooks.  Used here by permission.
    Holbrook Ancestry in England (http://sml.simplenet.com/smlawson/holbrook.htm#THolbrook)


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